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Q: I have already registered for the symposium. Will the registration fee be reimbursed?

A: Yes, we will provide full reimbursement of the registration fee to all delegates.

Q: How do I get reimbursed?

A: Download the Refund Policy and Refund Form. Third party registrations will be reimbursed to the agency or company that made the registration.

Q: I have already booked my travel to the symposium including flights. Will the EADV reimburse these costs?

A: No, the EADV will not reimburse travel costs. You should talk to your travel operators about travel reimbursements.

Q: Will the EADV reimburse my hotel cost?

A: No, the EADV will not reimburse hostel costs. You should contact the agency/hotel used for your booking about reimbursements.

Q: Will the EADV reimburse the application fee for my visa?

A: No, the EADV will not reimburse this fee. If required, the EADV can issue official statements for individuals confirming the cancellation of the event.


Publishing rights

Q: My submitted abstract was approved. Does the EADV still hold the exclusive rights to first publication?

A: No, as the abstract is not presented at the Spring symposium, the EADV does not retain exclusive rights for the first publication of the abstract but will retain non-exclusive rights.

Q: Will the EADV publish my approved abstract?

A: Yes. The EADV will publish the symposium approved e-posters and abstracts in a dedicated section on EADV’s Vienna Congress website and on the EADV Resource Centre.

Q: Will authors have the right to refuse publication of their abstract?

A: Yes, all authors will have the right to refuse publication of their abstract, as the embargo is lifted due to the cancellation of the Spring symposium.

Q: If I reuse, reproduce or post the abstract, do I need to add an acknowledgment to the initial and first publication or presentation at Spring symposium?

A: As the abstract is not presented at the Spring Symposium, no reference to the name of the EADV event and the date is required.

Live streaming

Q: Will there be live streaming of the symposium sessions?

A: As the Spring symposium is cancelled, the sessions will not be rescheduled or live streamed.

Scholarships (excluded RRF – Reduced Registration Fee)

Q: I received a scholarship to facilitate my attendance of the Spring symposium. Can I transfer the scholarship to support my attendance at the Vienna Congress this Autumn?

A: Yes, you will be able to transfer your scholarship to the Vienna Congress this Autumn.

Q: If I am not able to attend the Vienna Congress, will I still receive the scholarship?

A: No, your scholarship will be cancelled, as the aim of the scholarship is to facilitate your attendance at an EADV educational event in 2020.  Your scholarship will not be transferrable to 2021.

Q: I am a scholarship winner and already have a non-refundable hotel booking.  Will I be reimbursed for all or part of this cost?

A: No, the EADV will not reimburse any hotel or travels costs as stated previously.

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